Colour Theory and Tools

Color theory is a set of principles used to determine which colors will look harmonious when used together. It is based on the way that the human eye perceives color, and it takes into account factors like the color wheel, color harmony, and the psychological effects of color. By understanding and applying color theory, artists and designers can create more effective and appealing color schemes for their work.

Using color theory is essential in any aspect of design, especially in animation. 

The top of the list item on this page is a link to the Adobe Color wheel. A great resource for testing colors and how they work together. Read more information on the Adobe Color Web App.

The Color Converter  is a useful online resource for converting colors from name, hex, rgb, hsl, hwb, cmyk, ncol to any other color type.

If you need to learn Color Theory from a beginner's perspective, then this video by is really useful.

Brad's Art School is another great source for an entertaining look at Color Theory - A Beginners Guide.

If you want more, just search Youtube for the term Color Theory, and if you are from the UK like me, you can search Youtube on the British spelling of Colour Theory. Whilst your results won't be exactly the same, they will be close enough.

Hopefully, this page has everything you need to get started with Color Theory. If you have any useful resources please drop a note in the comments.