Thursday, 31 March 2022

Beenie Man


Yet another free to use Karl Toon image. Today, Beenie Man is ready for some hard work, wearing those tough-looking work boots, and with those shorts on the weather must be fine or he must be expecting to get a sweat on.

Image created in Procreate using BeeJayDel's cartoon human creator pack. I forgot to create everything in separate layers which made the tidying up and colouring a little more awkward than usual, but lesson learnt!

I tidied up the final bits of the image on my PC using Clip Studio Paint.

You can find BeeJayDel's brush packs on Gumroad here: BeeJayDeL (

I am in no way sponsored or affiliated to or by BeeJayDel, I just like using his brushes as it makes my life a whole lot easier. The packs and brushes make everything so much quicker.

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Film Noir - Not!

What is Film Noir? 

According to, Film Noir is defined as a motion picture with an often grim urban setting, photographed in sombre tones and permeated by a feeling of disillusionment, pessimism, and despair.

I read that after I created the following picture, which I was going to title, Film Noir. But, having now read the above description, I am left with no choice but to give this image the title, Noir, which is French for black. Obviously, I couldn't let my hard work go to waste or be mistitled, so let me present to you:

Noir. 😁

Hopefully, next time I'll create an image in the corresponding style to match Image Noir, instead of Film Noir. Does Image Noir exist? A quick check on Google makes me realise that a Noir Image is a thing, so I wasn't too far out after all. Who would have guessed?

The above was created in Clip Studio Paint by importing a photograph, creating a new layer above, then trying to decide and colour in black and white only. Whilst I know the software can do this automatically, often giving mixed results, it was much more fun to make the decisions myself.

Alternate Art

 Some people say that real art is something that is created from the imagination and doesn't include converting a photo into a painting, drawing, or even sitting down and painting a landscape. I think what they are really saying is that their version of Art is more abstract.

The dictionary definition of art is "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power."

That really is an interesting description. According to that, most of what I would consider being artwork is therefore not artwork. So, what is it? I just asked Google that very question and opened up a whole can of worms.

Moving on, here is my version of Alternate Art.

Piece 1 is literally me sketching some rough shapes on a digital canvas and colouring in the shapes, and to be honest I hate it.

Mr Confused


I really couldn't think of a title for today's drawing. I was really confused and when I looked at the character it came to me in a flash! Mr Confused. He really does look it, doesn't he?

Click on him for a much bigger version and if you want to download him and use him in any of your projects please do. A link back would be nice, but is not absolutely necessary.

Mr Confused was created by me in Procreate on an iPad Pro 11, using the cartoon character brush set by BeejayDel.

I'm trying to create at least one character or drawing a day to try and get some muscle memory for drawing. Eventually, it would be nice to do away with drawing aids such as the cartoon character brush set, but, Hey!, that's what all this technology is for. I'm sure if the cave painters had a PC, Mac, or iPad, they certainly wouldn't be scrapping out paintings on the walls of their caves with a stone or bit of chalk. However, it would be interesting to see if digital art lasts as long.

Keep an eye out on my other site or my Youtube channel and you may get to see this guy animated yet.

Which Drawing Program Should I Use?

Okay, so whilst I like the look of the Adobe suite of programmes, including Photoshop, they are the supposed industry standard after all, I am not prepared, as a miserly hobbyist, to pay their over extortionate prices. As much as I’d love to i just can’t justify the cost. 

The next best thing is compatible programmes, in particular, those that can save as PSD files as those are sometimes needed for my linked hobby of animation. I’ve tried a variety of packages, some paid for, and some free, but my two favourites by far are Clip Studio Paint on my PC and Procreate on my iPad. 

How Animated Cartoons Bring Characters to Life

By Stephanie Delota 

Animated cartoons are successful in large part because of their ability to create an emotional connection between the viewers and the cartoon characters. The personalities, faults, and quirks that these cartoons weave into their characters make those characters winsome and engaging. In the hands of a skilled animator, even machines, animals, and household objects become characters with whom viewers can connect. There are many reasons that animated cartoons are so effective at bringing characters to life. Following are a few of these reasons.

Animated cartoons visually depict personalities.

In non-animated productions, the characters' realism and appeal rely mostly upon the dialogue and upon the actors' ability to capture the personalities described within the script. In animated cartoons, the cartoon studio often creates this realism and appeal through the appearance of the characters. That is, the studio uses the appearance of the characters and the details in the scenes around them to express the characters' personalities and foibles.

For instance, in some cases, soft, curved lines may be used to represent the gentleness (or even weakness) of a character. Small background details may give clues to the character's personality. Other details, such as the shape of the body or the type of clothing the character wears can provide further information regarding their personality. With these physical clues in place, the animated cartoon character springs to life before they ever speak a word or take a step onscreen.

Funny Cartoons - Steps To Create Cartoons

by Shakir  A. 

The cartoon conveys a message to the viewer. A funny cartoon makes us laugh. The cartoon is commonly funny stuff itself. If it impacts more flavour on our laugh, we can say a funny or funniest cartoon. Cartoonists create cartoons based on funny instances around us. The activities of different creatures are a few sources of making funny cartoons. The character of the funny cartoon acts on some uncommon or abnormal activities that make the viewer laugh. The funny cartoon is a reflection of some of our reality in life. Some natural theme is shown that we hardly find in our real life. The cartoonists have that sense to capture the snap and put it on their cartoon artboard.


Anyone can give advice, but unfortunately a lot of it is bad advice.

In ths day and age of the Internet everyone is an expert, or so they think. Disinformation and fake news isn’t just restricted to Facebook and twitter, it also appears in the online educational sector. Whether it’s pure amateurs on YouTube showing you wrongly how to do stuff, or “tutors” on Udemy or Skillshare who think that because they can teach one subject, they can teach any subject.

Common Differences Between Anime And Cartoons

 By Nigunim Stark 

Japanese anime is different from cartoons. While both are caricatures that may be animated, anime usually has visually distinct features for characters, and a more "limited animation" style for depicting movement.

There is a difference between cartoons and Japanese anime. Although both have animated characters in them, anime has a lot of distinct features as far as characters are concerned. Apart from this, for movement depiction, the animation style is different. In this article, we are going to talk about some primary differences between cartoons and anime.


Anime refers to a Japanese animated series. They are available in several formats like television series, which include One Piece as well. Some of them are TV series while others are full-length feature films.

On the other hand, a cartoon is a type of illustrated visual art, which is two-dimensional in most cases. Over time, the definition has changed. Today, cartoons refer to a semi-realistic or non-realistic drawing of different living or nonliving objects.

What Anime is and is Not

 Do you watch cartoons? I do. Not bugs bunny; I'm talking about anime. Do you know what that is?

Anime is, simply put, animation that's made in Japan. I'll give you some examples of anime that you might know. Speed Racer, Hello Kitty, Pokemon, RoboTech, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and a lot of the cartoons you find on Cartoon Network qualify as well, particularly Adult Swim.

Thankfully our country has gotten the rights to translate the stories from Japanese to English, because the storylines in anime are really good. Often they're better than what Hollywood shovels into your brain.

That's basically what anime is. Now let's talk about what it's not.

Anime is not a genre; it's an art form; a medium. From now on I want you to think of anime as being equated with movies, books, music, etc; all the entertainment media. Just like you have movies for kids, movies for teens, adults, so it is with anime.

Monday, 28 March 2022

Dad Character

 Today's image is a dad character, not with the best fashion sense.

Created in Clip Studio Paint, with the help of BJDel's brilliant Cartoon Human Creater Pack Brushes. Mind you, the brushes were originally created for use in Procreate, but once the tedium of transferring them across is complete, they are really useful in Clip Studio too.

Sunday, 27 March 2022

FREE vector characters

GEE! ME have some cracking FREE vector characters. Downloadable in SVG and PNG Format. SVG format is also layered so it's easy to swap and change bits from one character to another.

They say on their website, "GEE! ME is a great set of flat graphics required, 100 cartoon characters and over 400 coolest objects. You can use it in any design or development projects. It’s completely free and just enjoy it~"

Excellent! Cheers GEE! ME.

Check them out:

Saturday, 26 March 2022

Interlude with Marcin

 Words escape me when trying to describe this fellas guitar playing. The skill is beyond fantastic.



How to Draw Cartoon People – Step by Step Guide

 Another great step-by-step guide on how to draw cartoon people (although it is just one person!) can be found here:

How to Draw Cartoon People - Step by Step Guide.

How to Draw Cartoon People (non-video)

 Here is another great resource for learning to draw cartoon people, but this time as a step-by-step, follow along, non-video tutorial:

How to Draw Cartoon People

How to Draw Cartoon People - Comprehensive Playlist

 Shoo Rayner Drawing has a great comprehensive playlist of video tutorials in his How to Draw People Playlist.

The first of a heap of videos in the How to Draw People series is below.

For the full playlist of videos in this series, check out: How to Draw People Playlist

How to draw cartoon people real easy - step by step tutorial

If you are anything like me, like you struggle to draw cartoon people, then the more videos there are out there for us, the better. This one is by drawstuffrealeasy.