Thursday, 31 March 2022

Beenie Man


Yet another free to use Karl Toon image. Today, Beenie Man is ready for some hard work, wearing those tough-looking work boots, and with those shorts on the weather must be fine or he must be expecting to get a sweat on.

Image created in Procreate using BeeJayDel's cartoon human creator pack. I forgot to create everything in separate layers which made the tidying up and colouring a little more awkward than usual, but lesson learnt!

I tidied up the final bits of the image on my PC using Clip Studio Paint.

You can find BeeJayDel's brush packs on Gumroad here: BeeJayDeL (

I am in no way sponsored or affiliated to or by BeeJayDel, I just like using his brushes as it makes my life a whole lot easier. The packs and brushes make everything so much quicker.

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