Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Mr Confused


I really couldn't think of a title for today's drawing. I was really confused and when I looked at the character it came to me in a flash! Mr Confused. He really does look it, doesn't he?

Click on him for a much bigger version and if you want to download him and use him in any of your projects please do. A link back would be nice, but is not absolutely necessary.

Mr Confused was created by me in Procreate on an iPad Pro 11, using the cartoon character brush set by BeejayDel.

I'm trying to create at least one character or drawing a day to try and get some muscle memory for drawing. Eventually, it would be nice to do away with drawing aids such as the cartoon character brush set, but, Hey!, that's what all this technology is for. I'm sure if the cave painters had a PC, Mac, or iPad, they certainly wouldn't be scrapping out paintings on the walls of their caves with a stone or bit of chalk. However, it would be interesting to see if digital art lasts as long.

Keep an eye out on my other site or my Youtube channel and you may get to see this guy animated yet.

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