Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Which Drawing Program Should I Use?

Okay, so whilst I like the look of the Adobe suite of programmes, including Photoshop, they are the supposed industry standard after all, I am not prepared, as a miserly hobbyist, to pay their over extortionate prices. As much as I’d love to i just can’t justify the cost. 

The next best thing is compatible programmes, in particular, those that can save as PSD files as those are sometimes needed for my linked hobby of animation. I’ve tried a variety of packages, some paid for, and some free, but my two favourites by far are Clip Studio Paint on my PC and Procreate on my iPad. 

I also own Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, but I rarely use these two these days. Before I really started my art hobbies, I used to use the free programmes Gimp and Krita and there is absolutely nothing wrong with free programmes such as those. There are plenty of others too, both paid for and free. 

A lot of the time it comes down to how dedicated the package is to do what you want it to do. Are you looking to sketch? Are you wanting to design? Both of those can have software dedicated to the task. As I said earlier, for me it is Clip Studio Paint and Procreate. Why? For me, as not too great an artist, I find they both really help in making my drawings have a more acceptable end result. However, whilst I highly endorse both programmes they may not necessarily be the ones for you. I am afraid that the choice is purely yours, but until you start comparing packages you aren’t gonna find the right one.

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