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Don't Get Hacked: Common Password Mistakes to Avoid

 In today's digital world, our online accounts hold a treasure trove of personal information. From bank accounts and social media profiles to email and shopping sites, keeping these accounts secure is crucial. And the first line of defense? Strong passwords. Unfortunately, many people make common mistakes when creating passwords, leaving their accounts vulnerable to hackers. Here are some of the most frequent password faux pas and how to avoid them: Simple Passwords: "Password123" or your pet's name and birthday might seem convenient, but hackers can crack these simple passwords in seconds. Reused Passwords: Using the same password for multiple accounts is a big no-no. If one account gets compromised, all your others are at risk. Personal Information: Birthdays, addresses, and pet names are easy for hackers to guess, especially if they can find this information on social media. Shortcuts: Substituting letters with symbols (e.g., "P@ssw0rd") or adding n

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